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Baby We Can Make It If Were HEART TO HEART's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Baby We Can Make It If Were HEART TO HEART

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[02 Jan 2006|02:02pm]
ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so on friday i had a doctors appointment and i saw my little baby girl, i was soo soo happy to hear that it was a girl, now only a couple more months.
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[05 Jul 2005|08:38pm]
its july 5 2005 and yesterday was the 4th of july it was alot of fun, better then the one last year, im here at doms house and there is this lady here its one of the guys mothers and she was sooo wasted drunk and she fell off the back of a car and landed on the street her face hit the floor harddddddddddddddddddddddddd it was so sad i feel so bad for her i love her to death.

Parties at the house have been pretty craSy lately i guess last nite they did a bomb in a cooler and it blew up in the pool and covered the whole back yard in foam it was shit, then someone went crassy and threw a bottle in someones backyard and hit there car and came to our house and was talking shit to bray and me and we werent even there at the house it was funny

tomorrow is warped tour im really excited tsl finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[27 Apr 2005|07:32pm]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY UHNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a long boring day, i didnt do shit all day just layed around, went and got my nails did and grubbed on some olive garden that place is so good i love it! I think after this week i became stonger inside, i know how to deal with myself better and not let anything take over my body and i also realize just how much i need god in my life i really want to start going to church i just dont know how to make the first move, what church to go to and with who, i need a church buddy anyone down? well i cant wait to see everyone on friday at uhnets bday dinner i feel like i havent seen anyone in years well months to be exact.I miss you all
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[23 Apr 2005|11:39pm]
It has been sooooo long since i have wrote or even read in here. i havent updated in here in like seven months so much has changed, i sold my parents house in december it was so sad to see it go but it was the right thing to do sooooo many good memories!!!! I live with mel and jeni and bray i love it alot! ive already experienced alot just the week that i have been here. These past couple of days have had me thinking about one person and one person only, i realized just how much each and everyone of my friends mean to me, i love all of you so much and never want to see anything ever happen to any of you.

i saw bray tonite he looked ok i was just sooooo happy to see him.

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lakjdfgopiewjfg [03 Sep 2004|10:10pm]
So im just sitting here chillen with my boyfriend i think we are going to go to palm springs i love going to palm springs. I havent been up to much ive been looking for a job lately. School started at santa fe a couple days ago it was so weird to see all the kids walking home from school and me not having to worry about it, it felt sooo good to not have to worry about school but i do have to worry about college i think me and my friend erick are going to go sign up soon so weve been saying. ahh i cant wait for tsl to come out i think im going to go buy my tickets late next week i cant wait, i love when tsl comes out cause i get to spend my days with my favorite person (mel) and with my favorite band (tsl) those are two things i love dearly and help me get my head straight, i know i havent been as close to you and i should be mel but i want you to know that i do love you with all my heart and im sorry if i hurt you in any way but i also want you to know that i will be here for you forever and if you ever ever ever needed anything you know i would be there for you and i know you know that cause just recently you called me cause you needed to talk and you knew i would be there for you so dont ever think different. i love you gurl!!
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Its a small world [26 Jul 2004|10:16pm]
So a couple hours ago i was chillen with one of my best friends erick and someone called him and wanted to buy some chron and so like 20 minutes later a lil bug pulled up and guess who it was yep fucking katie and tony yea katie arts gurlfriend i couldnt believe it i was so shocked as well as she was we both just looked at eachother like what the fuck is going on??? i said hi to tony and then they left it was weird!

I think im going camping on july 31 im so excited i cant wait to go!
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CcriderL43 is my new screen name!!!!!!!!!!! [26 Jul 2004|12:25am]
SO yea i tryed to stay with my old original screenname cause i couldnt think about anything else. Its only 12:26 and im tired, my body is going thru some serious shit right now, im stressed out to the max about everything possible, and i cant eat without my stomach hurting, last nite was bad i was crying cuz my stomach was burning inside and had alot of pressure i didnt want to live at that point but when i woke up in the morning the horrible pain was gone but i knew if i ate again it would come back so i didnt eat till about 5:30 pm i went allll day without eating and thats all i ate today i have become so scared to eat i only eat once a day now i hate it.

I cant wait for starting line to come out im sooooo excited!
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[21 Jul 2004|05:25pm]
So ive been doing pretty good lately i went to the house for the party it was soooooo nice seeing everyone except for art ew ok what was wrong with his hair?? haha oh well thats all old shit! Life is going pretty good im single and loving it! but i do miss him i know everyone thinks he is a horrible person but hes not. Me and mel have been going swimming everyday and it is so nice we do laps in the pool and it truly is a workout i love it i feel so refreshed for the whole day its nice. well im out trying to figure out something to do tonite

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[26 Jun 2004|12:39pm]
wow where do i begin..... I FINALLY GRADUATED WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! there is soo much im sure i can sit here and talk about but that will take up sooo much time. THere are alot of things i want to talk about but i know will dissapoint many and every single one of you but let me just say im happy. I have a boyfriend and im living back at home its going pretty well im trying to get this house together and make it look decent cause we all know it looks like shit! I miss everyone soo much i wish we could all go back to the old days and love going to shows. my house number is 929- 4401
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[07 May 2004|07:12pm]
OK so i am graduating i like 4 weeks im soooooo excited, prom is next saturday i got my dress its so beautiful. IM so excited i hope i have fun. I went swimming today and got soooo burnt but hopefully it will turn into a tan oh yea and i got a new number its 376 4833 (562)holla
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[28 Apr 2004|10:12pm]
I have had nooooooooo time to write in here :( i miss everyone sooo dearly, i still dont have my cell phone but i do have my sisters for now so if anyone wants to reach me its 562 3764055 i have a car so im down to go out anytime!!!!

I need to also make two very special shout outs to my lovely UHNET- HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL i love you so much, you will always hold a special place in my heart!

And to my nigga Delio- First off i miss your (old) ass, your already fucking 20 your are getting soooooo old!! Happy birthday and dont be a stranger i miss you!

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[21 Apr 2004|10:14pm]
Wow i havent been on here in a while but i tryed to catch up on everyone last nite from what i remember rikki has a boyfriend (congratulations!!!) and tawnys boyfriend is in the navy i flipped out! I also realized just how much i miss everyone and how i miss the shows gosh the good ol days, but i guess i cant complain right now ive been doing pretty good i have been on a shopping spree forever! Im so tired of school only about two months left i cant wait to be out im excited!
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[06 Apr 2004|08:51pm]
im so happy i got my car yesterday its so nice i love everything about it i love the way it drives everything, it only have 2,780 miles on it, it drives soooo smooth its a toyota camry i cant wait till i can drive everywhere, im still waiting to take my license test on wednesday, i hope i pass

The party at the house was fun i got super drunk but controlled myself it was sooooooooo good to see everyone i miss everyone we should all hang out again soon!
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[31 Mar 2004|11:26pm]
WHooooooo hoooooooo i got my permit im sooo happy i take the behind the wheel test on wednesday april 14 im nervouse.
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[22 Mar 2004|09:56pm]
So i had a good time on friday with everyone at Don joses thank you to everyone who showed up it really ment alot to me, saturday was fun i just went to a couple parties. Everything was really good i didnt get to sad about my sister not calling but i think its catching up to me now, today is ashleys bday and it didnt go to good there was mad DRAMA her boyfriend is wack he pissed all of us off so bad today but oh well what can ya do thursday is gisselles bday whoo hooo im excited i think we might go to a strip club on saturday and i think im going to ozz tomorrow im sooooo excited being 18 feels no different then 17 oh well
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[20 Mar 2004|05:46pm]
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3s a charm [15 Mar 2004|11:00pm]
Today i finally went and got my tattoo omg if effing hurt really bad but it turned out really good, my brother in law got it for me since my bday is on saturday whoo hoo im excited cant wait the big 18 im having a lil dinner at don jose so if anyone wants to go call me its friday nite around 7 so just give me a ring if ya want to go xoxox
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Its such a be a u ti ful day [07 Mar 2004|11:24pm]
So this weekend was a mixture of pure HELL and pure fun, Friday nite i hung out with Mel, it was alot of fun we went to see Amity that was cool i was kinda sad knowing that had a big influence on myself for music is now leaving the band but i am very happy he is going to do what he is going to do!!

Saturday was hell i was really sad about alot of things and then i went to go see the passion which made me even more sad but then i went to a party and had fun!!!

Sunday/today i went out to eat with ashley and her whole family and then to burlington coat factory where i spent over 80 dollars gosh i spend so much money then we went back to ashleys grandmas forever and chilled i was really tired but it was such a beautiful day then mel picked me up and we went to golf n stuff and took pics and got on the rides for free cause we got it like that, i had alot of fun with mel i think we are going to go to knotts on tuesday im so excited

To my amity boys i hope you guys have fun on tour and be careful you are all in my thoughts and prayers!!!
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So sick so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick... [02 Mar 2004|10:54pm]
OK so im like dying from a horrible cold, i almost died today i went to the hospital and got a bunch of pills to make me better, my nose is soooo runny i hate it its so sick, if i had a dollar for everytime i blowed my nose id be rich!! So i really want to go to NY and as of right now i think we are whooooooo hooooooo

ok im dying time for bed
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Party party [27 Feb 2004|08:56pm]
So school has been hectic lately doing our senior project is so stressful i wrote seven pages so far and wrote ashleys for her it was 5 pages im so tired of typing shit, i havent talked to my sister in one month tomorrow it sucks but im giving her to the lord and im going to let him deal with her, i love her and dont want to see her die so all i can do is pray i know in time she will realize what she is doing is wrong. Im waiting for gisselle to pick me up right now were going to a party im so excited whoooooo hoooooooooo!!!

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